Franciscan Retreat Notes: Discernment, A Spiral of Love

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity welcomed young women, ages 18-25, for ‘ A Spiral of Love’ Franciscan Discernment Retreat. Weekend guests left their professional and academic lives on hold to board planes and drive miles to contemplate their deepest desires with us.

In essence Scripture and saintly models of virtue were suggested for possible spiritual reflection as a means of discovering the mystery of God e.g.
  • John 2:1-12 'Do whatever He tells you'
  • Luke 1:46-55 'My spirit rejoices in God, my Savior'
  • Luke 13:10-13 'Woman, you are set free from your infirmity'
  • John 20:11-18 'I have seen the Lord'
  • Luke 18:1-7 'A widow in that town used to come...'
  • Matthew 8:14-17 'He saw Peter's mother-in-law...'
Some hints which confirm discernment:
  • a chance encounter with just the right person
  • a thought or conviction that keeps growing
  • something from the Bible which comes to mind
  • something said in conversation which keeps coming to mind
  • an opportunity which suddenly opens up
  • it bites back, becoming harder to stop the more you or anyone else tries to hold back.

Happily the young women joined Postulants, Novice and Sisters for music outreach at Holy Family Parish, Brillion on Saturday evening for Sunday Eucharist.  Interaction with this faith community provided more moments of seeing the spiral of God’s love in genuinely good people.

Let your prayer be frequent and contrite, rooted in deep devotion and humility of heart...And let your prayer always be rooted in the highest love of God, for Gregory says that "the power of true prayer is the summit of love." - St. Bonaventure, Instructions for Novices.


Anonymous said…
I realized how amazing and full of the grace of God this life is.
Anonymous said…
It gave me the opportunity to refocus my discernment and to meet other women that are discerning too.
Anonymous said…
I really enjoyed how we were part of the Motherhouse and see how they live. Having that experience is wonderful.
Anonymous said…
I really liked the reflection/prayer time that we had because it gave me time to think things through and let them sink in.
Anonymous said…
I enjoyed the movie since my saint is St. Clare.
Anonymous said…
It helped me to slow down and know that God's plan will work out and that if you listen God will speak in some of the strongest ways.
Anonymous said…
I feel like I came in being really confused, but this weekend helped.
Anonymous said…
It really helped me open my heart and mind to our God's will. I go with confidence in Him.
Anonymous said…
I loved getting to know those in formation. Hearing their stories was great!