What St. Francis Did When He Desired to Know a Course of Life

For anyone desiring to know their own call from God, Thomas of Celano offers some advice from his own writings on St. Francis.

  • [St. Francis of Assisi]He wished that the Lord would show him the course of life for him and his brothers, and he went to a place of prayer, as he so often did.

He remained there a long time with fear and trembling before the Ruler of the whole earth.

  • He recalled in the bitterness of his soul the years he spent badly, frequently repeating this phrase. "Lord be merciful to me, a sinner."

Gradually, an indescribable joy and tremendous sweetness began to well up deep in his heart.

  • He began to lose himself; his feeling were pressed together; and that darkness disappeared which fear of sin had gathered in his heart.

Certainty of the forgiveness of all his sins poured in, and the assurance of being revived in grace was given to him.

  • Then he was caught up above himself and totally engulfed in light, and, with his inmost soul opened wide, he clearly saw the future.
(Life of Saint Francis by Thomas of Celano, Chapter XI)

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