Vocation Retreat Notes: Living the Gospel My God and My All

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity share some guided prayer from the Vocation Retreat planned with the theme: Living the Gospel: My God and My All. The retreat opens with a Eucharistic procession to significant chapels in our Motherhouse.

We adore you, most holy Lord Jesus Christ, here, and in all your churches throughout all the world; and we bless you, because, by your holy cross, you have redeemed the world.

As we begin this Eucharistic prayer time, we reflect on the our relationship with God.

How have a related to God in the past?
How do I feel called to know, love and serve God now?

St. Francis prayed this prayer in the early days of His conversion. We pray this prayer as we seek to grow in our love for the Eucharist.

O Most High Glorious God enlighten the darkness of my heart and give me true faith, certain hope and perfect charity, sense and knowledge, Lord, that I may carry out Your holy and true command. Amen.

(Quiet Prayer)
See You in the Eucharist by Danielle Rose
If this retreat theme speaks to your heart, we invite you to visit our Motherhouse. Click here to contact us regarding dates that work for you.