Franciscan Sisters Invite You to Journey Into God

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity begin January 2014 by offering a prayer resource entitled "Journey Into God". Here is a brief sample of the first of the 12 themed reflection booklet with an icon, Scripture offerings and possible saints for intercession.

In the beginning I call upon that Eternal Source from whom all illumination flows as from the God of lights and from whom comes every good and perfect gift. I call upon God through the divine Son, our Lord Jesus Christ that through the intercession of the most holy virgin Mary, the mother of the same Lord, Jesus Christ, and through that of blessed Francis, our leader and father, God might enlighten us and guide our feet on the path of peace-that peace which surpasses all understanding. It is that peace which our Lord Jesus Christ proclaimed and granted to us.

Blessed are those whose help comes from you. In their hearts they are disposed to ascend by steps in the valley of tears, in the place which they have set. Since happiness is nothing other than the enjoyment of the highest good, and since the highest good is above us, we cannot find happiness without rising above ourselves, not by a physical journey but by a journey of the heart. But we cannot be elevated above ourselves unless a superior power lifts us up. No matter how well-ordered the steps of our interior life may be, nothing will happen if divine aid does not accompany us...therefore, prayer is the mother and the well-spring of the upward movement into God.
-St. Bonaventure, Journey into God
Note: Russian Madonna icon written by Sister Francette Riebe

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