Lent 2014: Consider a Franciscan Discernment Retreat

Lenten days were important for St. Francis' own discernment.

Lent to St. Francis was a term meaning 40 days of intensive prayer, solitude and fasting. Although he was very conscious of keeping the 'Church's calendared Lent', he created more than one of these seasons for himself during the year.

One of the these inspired Lenten commemorations, Francis went to the heritage of Mount La Verna because he enjoyed the solitude of this remote place. He "wanted to do a Lent in honor of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, His mother, and blessed Michael, the prince of the angels and of souls."

It was during these periods of prayerful solitude that the converted Francis was ever anxious to know the will of God and to grow in how he could please Him better.

As we begin this 2014 Lenten Season, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity invite you to go the heights of discernment and consider a call to be a Franciscan Sister.  Contact us for a date and time that works for you and possibly some of your own companions.  It is also not too early to consider a summer silent retreat. Click here for more information.