Franciscan Discernment: What Does Francis Say About Solitude?

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity are inviting young women to join them for moments of  summer solitude to gain greater clarity in discerning life as a Franciscan Sister.

What does St. Francis say about solitude? Well, more than talk about solitude, he actually took time for silence to hear the Holy Spirit speak. He entered into solitude and allowed God to transform him.

  ...he sought places of solitude, where he was often instructed by visits of the Holy Spirit. He was drawn away, lured by that remarkable delight that from the very beginning flowed over him abundantly and never left him as long as he lived.
- Chapter V, The Remembrance of the Desire of a Soul by Thomas of Celano

Here's another reference from the Life of Saint Francis by Julian of Speyer, Chapter XI:

Therefore, that most holy man, who had come to know how to divide his time usefully between himself and those around him, on a certain occasion left the crowds of secular people, sought out a place of solitude, and took a few companions with him, in order to defend his repose from all the tumult of those who thronged to him. For, on occasion, he longed to have time free for God alone, and to shake off any dust he had picked up while dealing with men. And after his mind was quiet for a little while, he tasted the sweeter fruit of contemplation, then with all his heart he longed to know what to do to be able to make the sacrifice of himself more pleasing to the Lord. The man of singular virtue had already reached the goal when he believed he had scarcely begun. His greatest desire had always been to extend himself to the things which lay before him, and to count the past as nothing.

Are you finding your own heart yearning for alone time to offer yourself for God? Click here to discover possible silent retreat options. We are ready to customize dates and times to fit your schedule.