What's the Most Helpful about a Silent Vocation Discernment Retreat?

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity offer Silent Vocation Discernment Retreats. Wonder how young women are touched by such encounters with the Lord or how helpful they really are? Here are some responses from recent retreatants representing 4 states. All are 20 something.

What touched your heart during the retreat?
  • I was especially touched when meditating on one of the Rules of St. Ignatius while in the chapel. The talks were very informative.
  • All of Sister's personal stories to help us understand the teachings of Ignatius and how to discern.
  • I've struggled knowing when it's from God or the devil. So this really helped me and will continue to help me in my daily life.
  • I was touched by different ways to be aware of recognizing the voice of God and the voice of evil.
  • Seeing so many Sisters coming to prayer and Mass and knowing they've been praying for us-very welcoming community and joyful!
  • Being able to have quiet time to reflect on what God wants me to hear/know was helpful.

What part of the retreat was the most helpful?
  • The most helpful part was all the silent time to pray.
  • Silence! Being able to spend over an hour at a time anywhere on the grounds of the convent to pray, meditate, discern and read.
  • Listening to Sister Jacqueline's explanation of the rules really helped me Father would tell me to discern, but would never really tell me how
  • Talks from Sister Jacqueline and then being able to immediately go and pray over them with the guide was helpful. God revealed a lot to me during prayer time that I wasn't even thinking about before, but are important for me in my discernment.
  • Spiritual direction was also helpful, because I often have a hard time voicing what I'm going through and admitting that I don't know where to go next.
  • I found the lessons on the rules of discernment and God's will helpful and useful for when I leave and continue my discernment.
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