Franciscan Sisters Discernment Weekend: Make Your Home in Me

Whether you're a college student or young professional discerning a calling, career and vocation, Franciscan Sisters invite you to come to our Motherhouse August 18-20 to experience life with us. In the silence and interaction, may you discover where you feel more at home to be yourself.
During this month of St. Clare, you can assured of time to gaze on our Eucharistic Lord in St. Francis Chapel. Our unique San Damiano Crucifix will also be a source of focus. As you contemplate your own call from God, you, too, will keeping vigil before this icon so dear to the hearts of Clare and her Sisters.

As taken from Ilia Delio's Franciscan Prayer, "St. Clare described the spiritual journey as one that leads to transformation. Clare's path complemented that of Francis but was more ordered in its direction. She has a clear focus on relationship to God and the goal of that relationship-imitation of Christ...Prayer for Clare was not climbing a ladder to God but awakening to the love of God made visible in the crucified Christ, the Spouse of the soul. It is Clare who reminds us that we hold a treasure in our earthen vessels, the treasure of God's image deep within us. (2 Cor 4:7)"

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Call or text Sister Julie Ann at 920-323-9632.