St. Francis' Own Discernment Helps

St. Francis of Assisi' own words on the topic of discernment may be helpful to you.

Where there is a heart full of mercy and discernment,
there is neither excess nor hardness of heart.

Blessed is the servant who stores up in heaven the good things which the Lord shows to him and does not wish to reveal them to people under the guise of a reward, because the Most High Himself will reveal His deeds to whomever He wishes.

Blessed is the servant who safeguards the secrets of the Lord in his heart. (Francis of Assisi, The Founder, Early Documents I, p. 137)

Do you like what you are hearing about St. Francis'  through his own words? Start easy with learning more about St. Francis.

  1. Order this simple biography of St. Francis, St. Francis of Assisi A Life Inspired, by Wyatt North Publishing Co.  Read it, and then download the study guide. Pray and meditate on the questions. Journal about your answers. The studyguide comes to you from Franciscan Discernment Blog, a gift from the Conventual Franciscans.
  2. If it seems right, consider one of our many discernment possibilities in 2018.
  3. Know of our prayers. Please pray for us.