Franciscan Discernment Advice from Brother Masseo

Your searching has led you to this blog posting of the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity. An interaction between Saint Francis and Brother Masseo may be an helpful account to read and thoughtfully ponder as you discern God's will for your future at this moment.

"One day as they started out together, Brother Masseo walked a short distance ahead of Saint Francis on the road. But when they arrived at a three way crossroads where he could head either toward Siena, Florence or Arezzo, Brother Masseo said: 'Father, which way should we take?' The saint replied: 'Let's take the way that God wills.' Brother Masseo replied: 'How will we be able to know the Lord's will?" The saint answered: "By a sign that I'll show you. So, by merit of holy obedience I command that right in the crossroads where your feet are standing, you twirl around in a circle, as children do, and don't stop twirling until I tell you.' After Brother Masseo was twirling rapidly, Saint Francis said: 'Stand still. Don't move!' And he stopped suddenly, Saint Francis said: 'What direction are you facing?' Brother Masseo replied: 'Towards Siena.' Then Saint Francis said: 'That's the way God wants us to go.'" (Francis of Assisi The Prophet Early Documents Volume III,p 461)

Might Manitowoc or one of our mission sites be your 'Siena'? The place you need to go next? If God has led you to check out this post, it is very possible the simple advice of making a call or texting Sister Julie Ann at 920-323-9632 may stop your own dizziness in following God's plan. Brother Masseo was encouraged move ahead with childlike faith, to take a step, to begin a journey, to take action, rather than be fearful of making a wrong turn. Click here for possible retreat options.