Lenten Franciscan Family Holy Hour

Winter is a great time to warm up on discernment helps and allow the Lord to speak. How about a Franciscan Experience?

Franciscan Friars at Holy Evangelists Friary Chicago, IL, Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross, Green Bay, WI and Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity, Manitowoc, WI invite you to a Lenten Holy Hour on February 19 beginning at 7 PM. Benediction, Scriptural reflections and moments for silent prayer will be part of the prayer time. Like Francis, we honor and love our Lord Jesus Christ present on our altars in the Sacrament of Love. "Greatly to be loved is His love, Who loved us so greatly." Register here: https://fscc-calledtobe.org/vocation-retreat-registration/ , call Sister Julie Ann at 920-323-9632 or email sjulieann@fscc-calledtobe.org. Contact Sister Laura at vocations@gbfranciscans.org or call 920-288-0237. Contact Fr. Greg at email gregorysilver@mac.com or call 662-392-3000. Zoom link will be sent to you.